for better or worse


I am not really sure what to write. Unfamiliar territory. I always envisioned ONE temple sealing–my marriage to Adam. Although we talked about adoption very early on, even as we dated, I never considered the possibility of participating in another sealing.

Adam and I decided to go to the temple a little early so that we could have some quiet time to reflect before the event. Our assigned helpers were floored that we managed to arrive early with four children in tow. “Usually families are late, never early…” Okay, so we had a little incentive to arrive early. 1. our house was crawling with loved ones and 2. we knew we could drop the kids in the nursery and head to the cafeteria. Adam munched on a cinnamon roll while I blubbered on about our kids.

What did I feel? Joy. Humility. Wonder. Overwhelmed by the sea of loved ones who graced the sealing room. Grateful for the deepened sense of solidarity I felt between Adam and I.

What is the temple sealing all about? It is about binding families together forever. We do not believe in “until death do you part,” but instead in “time and all eternity.” It is about exactness, honor, and glory. Temple worship is also about conducting our lives in a way complementary to the Savior’s–trying our best to emulate his teachings, his example, and his goodness.


This picture is almost everyone that was able to attend. There are also many more loved ones and friends that were unable to enter the temple, but who were just as supportive and attentive to our family. We thank you all for your kindness and your support of our children. The ninos’ journey has only just begun, and I already see small miracles coming to pass.

I know that many adoptive families (not all) struggle with Doubting Thomases in their midst. I know that they struggle with the varying levels of support and concern from different family members and friends inside their circles of influence. I am not saying that our own people didn’t think we were crazy. Some did. Heck, we were among them at times! But we knew this adoption was meant to be from the moment we finally decided to go forward in October 2007–and we have felt nothing but joy and unconditional love since.

Go here for more sealing pictures.

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  1. I am brought to tears. One of the most memorable Temple experiences I have ever had, to be sure. The love and support that was eminating from those who attended and those who were supporting from a distance was palpable. And those ninos in white… unforgettable. Thank you for sharing that special day with us and for including my parents who are still touched by the experience. SO many people love the McCracken family. That is very evident!

  2. And I just finished checking out all the rest of the pics… man, you look gorgeous, Rach! You are at your most joyful, beautiful best! What stunning photos of you.

    (I especially love the photos where Wompy’s little shirt is untucked. How endearing!)

  3. I just love that picture of all of you in white! The kids in the Temple was such an amazing sight! It brought me to tears, there’s something about kids all in white at the temple that just builds your testimony even stronger! Love you!!

    PS still waiting for our family picture so I can post it on my blog ;-) Gees you think your busy or something ;-) xoxo

  4. What an amazing day! Thanks for letting me snap your pictures! I was really excited about that! We were so glad to be able to help in any way! You guys are amazing! We love you!

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