mouse’s tank and more

Adam was lucky enough to have MLK Day off. It was gorgeous here in the desert so we went on another hike–of course. The Brummett Family joined us with their newest addition, Sammy (their dog). There are only three places close enough to do any sort of hiking here in Las Vegas–Mt. Charleston, Red Rock, and Valley of Fire–which was our choice yesterday.


Valley of Fire has many short easy hikes for families. And it is beautiful. We only had time to do Mouse’s Tank yesterday because of our late start. It is pretty wimpy, only a 1/2 mile round trip…but the kids had a blast. Look at Wompy and Carter–their first slot canyon!!!!!!!!!!! :)


The funniest part of the excursion happened on the drive there. From the freeway turn off, you must drive 11 miles of flat desert to get to the Park entrance. Adam and I pulled off in the open desert to try and trick the kids. The best part about the video is that the kids thought we were totally serious, and they didn’t care where we were. They just wanted their packs on.

And what you don’t see on the video is Danny standing in the desert with his pack on staring at us as we tried taking off. He thought we were really going to leave him there–stranded. I guess I should have more sympathy for my adopted kids–maybe be more sensitive. But really, it was just hilarious! And Danny tried to get back at us later. :)


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  1. Do you think for a moment they thought they’d be left there? They didn’t look overly concerned to me :), …but I bet once they really got to “The Valley of Fire”, they were so relieved! You guys do some really fun things. And ouch to that picture of Wompey’s head! I hated looking at those staples!!! ewwww.

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