la madre springs


Welcome to McCracken Hiking 2009. We are very serious about whipping our little band into hiking shape (including us ring-leaders) so that we can have some serious adventures this summer. They LOVE the “mountains” aka desert rocks. And they are getting less and less wimpy as time goes on. So we ventured up the desert trail and found a fountain of freshness in the middle of oblivion.
Dave and Jena came along, but had to cut their trip short due to a prior engagement. The rest of us put in four miles and about 700 feet in elevation. For the small 40 pounders, that is quite a lot, and we are very proud of their attitudes. I must say that the six year old little princess can out-hike the rest of them when she decides to.
We had a great afternoon. It was 65 degrees and sunny with a little breeze–perfect January weather for a hike. And how adorable is my husband with our kids….


I can’t wait to scrapbook these pics…is it wrong for me to title the upper pics “mother goose?” :)


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  1. You guys are awesome – and your little (well, big really!) band of hikers is adorable. I see many many happy hikes in your future!

    (I am not going to mention how jealous I am of the sunlight I see in these photos.)

  2. I am very impressed. I know the positive talk and encouragement that goes along with those kinds of hikes. It seems like my kids start complaining right away, and then once they are “into it”, can hike for a long, long time. Good job guys!

  3. Adorable!! We really need to get our sense of adventure back! Our kids are finally old enough, we need to get out and explore and see all the beauty here in Colorado. You guys are inspiring!

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