a very merry christmas


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!! Okay, so it is January 12th–I know. But I can’t seem to post anything 2009 related until December is caught up. The kids woke up to stuffed stockings and hot chocolate. Grandparents McCracken and fam came over in the afternoon. And Grandparents Penning flew in around 2:00 p.m. The lucky little ninos had both sets of grandparents here to share in their very first Christmas. I will never ever forget that day. Because of our adoption expenses this year, Christmas was a little sparse, but it totally did not matter. The kids were grateful and cheering over their socks. They loved every little dollar trinket in their stocking. And the big gift for the year (two family scooters) were the hit of the day. I continue to be overwhelmed by our children’s gratitude for everything. And I am also overwhelmed by the generosity of grandparents, family, and friends toward our children.

Adam and I strongly disagree that it takes a village to raise a child–but we are blessed to have the companionship, support, and love of the village all around us. The village we have created for our family is the best bonus we could ever hope for. We also realize that although our Christmas was a little on the lean side, it was more than our kids had ever seen or imagined. In addition, there are so very many families either out of work and/or in poorer circumstances than us. Our prayers and thoughts go out to them. And we continue to count our many many blessings.


One interesting McCracken adoption fact is that the children didn’t really have Christmas at their orphanage. From what we gather, Juan Pablo did get presents from Santa–last year he got his Batman motorcycle and his Spiderman sweat suit, which are both going in his keepsake chest. But he was the only one to receive gifts because he was in the “baby” house. The older kids’ casas did not receive any presents or a visit from Santa. However, they did get to do some kind of activity to participate in. Danny explained to me that all the boys in his house got to go to a big pool and swim last year.

In short, the kids knew about Christmas and had a few glimmers here and there, but now they go to weekly worship service where they learn of the Savior, they pray in the name of Jesus Christ, and they understand a little more of what Christmas is all about. Adam and I did not exchange gifts this year, but Tia Jaime Lynne took the ninos to the dollar store and let them each pick out a present for me and Adam. We received silk hangers, school folders, pin-wheels, and other trinkets. And they were the best, most thoughtful Christmas presents EVER!!!!!!! We wouldn’t change our new world for anything.

Go here for more pics!!! And I can’t close a Christmas post without at least one video…for all of our videos go to www.youtube.com and search for adam 89117. We have five Christmas videos housed there.

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  1. Scooters were the perfect choice of gift for those kiddos. I am so happy for you and your beautiful Christmas. The sparseness and lack of gift exchange between Dan and I total echo you and Adam’s Christmas. But we did already get the best gifts ever this year didn’t we? Family.

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