more spoilage, please


Right before leaving for Thanksgiving in Logan, we glittered new stockings for our growing family. We also put up Christmas lights, decorated the house, and did some Christmas shopping. The kids had a blast, and they definitely know what Christmas is. I knew that we would be gone until the very end of Thanksgiving weekend so I wanted to get a jump start.

We also made our way to Jaimee and Brian’s home for Thanksgiving. They hosted for the whole family this year, and it was wonderful. Jaimee out did herself on decorations and food. Brian even smoked a turkey and a brisket for us to munch on through the weekend. We did miss my brother Mike and his family. Their work schedule caused them to stay back in Yakima. We missed them very very much. Oh yeah, I made the cute little turkey name holders…thanks for letting me place them on the magnificently dressed table, Jaimee.

We ate, and ate, and ate. We visited the Lights at Temple Square. We played games. We ate some more. We went fourwheeling and walking. We opened presents. And, finally, we ate some more.

5708571157175735Since we wouldn’t all be together for Christmas this year, we celebrated a little early. Grandma and aunties were way too generous. The boys wore their new little suits today with pride. And the girls wore their new little fluffy dresses. Thanks, grandma. Here are a few more pics from the weekend.

5757576357665769I guess there is no hiding Christmas from the kids anymore. :) Apparently, they never celebrated Christmas in the orphanage, and never received gifts. It’s a bright new world for these four little munchkins. We are blessed to be a part of it. The best of it all is that they are so thankful for everything they receive–and they treasure even their “smallest” gifts. The little writing books from the $1.00 bin were the hit of the drive home, mom. Amazing!

Our children are fantastic travelers. Not much complaining, and not any fighting either. And yes, that is without any movies playing in the car. I think they know that to be Rach and Adam’s kids, they have to be good travelers. I have no qualms about driving to Washington next summer with them. We are so lucky!!!!!!!!

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  1. You are so lucky! And they are adorable too. I bet Grandma loved being there for their first Christmas experience.

    So fun to talk to you last night! And see the reactions of they kids to the “Gordo” baby!

  2. Love this post! My favorite picture is the one of all three kids watching JP open the gift w/true excitement and they were all so gratefull and we think they have the best parent’s in the world raising them ;-) I miss you all so much already and treasure the times we have together!! xoxoxoxo

  3. YAY!! I love the little Turkey Name holders. We made them as well, and the kids loved the craft. I miss seeing you! We must get together soon! Loves and Kisses to the kids! Mya misses them like crazy.

  4. Finally, more pictures! So fun to be creating all of these new traditions for your family! I guess it must have been Danny, so excited to be holding that new toy truck when we saw you guys. It’s true that they appreciate all the little things. So cool. And really really great pictures- I love the shots you get of people and things. The place cards: fab! Glad you had a good thanksgiving.

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