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We have had a fun-filled October so far, and it just keeps going. The past two weekends were filled with excitement and laughter. On the weekend of the 11th, we hosted a Halloween party here at the house. Don’t ask me why I had the bright idea before we were fully moved into the house, but we pulled it off. In fact, the pressure helped us get more shelves put together and hung. Our family room truly looks like one. I had drapes made for our front room. Our loft finally has bookshelves for the plethora of kids’ books we possess. And there are only a few boxes scattered throughout the house left to unpack.

The party itself was a blast. We probably had about 40 people total. Some new friends, some old friends, some neighbors, and tons of kids. Adam inflated our little bounce house, which was a huge hit in our backyard. We decorated sugar cookies (thanks Val for taking charge) and let’s just say the McCracken kids were completely enthralled. When Valerie mixed the food coloring into the icing, Danny’s eyes got really big and he said his classic, “oh, wow!” They could not believe the icing was changing color. It really blew them away when she mixed yellow and blue together to make green. Each kid frosted a cookie for the daddy who was hard at work carving a pumpkin in the other room. I am not sure how many toppings they used, but Adam had enough sugar to last him through the holidays at least.

In addition, we had pumpkin carving, a coloring corner, and an all around good time. Oh yeah, we made my sister’s famous Chili in a Pumpkin, which was the hit of the party. Everyone loved it, Jaimee!!! All in all, the kids had a blast. They are figuring out what Halloween is all about from friends at school. So now they are totally excited to dress up and trick-or-treat next weekend. We will be spending that holiday in Logan, UT. We have many friends and family there who are anxious to meet the children. So off we go on Thursday. It will be fun for the kids to experience a real fall as well. Although Logan is more like winter temps right now. :) Regardless, we are excited to see everyone.


A few more pics can be found here!

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  1. What a huge undertaking! It sounds like a blast–I’ve thrown a couple Halloween parties before, but they never had cool activities. Awesome job–you’re kids are adorable BTW!

  2. You look like you had a ton of fun! What a creative party too!!! I miss having you here to throw awesome parties with :-( I’m glad your making full use of your nice new home!! Can’t wait to spend Halloween with you guys!!

  3. You are so brave to host a big party. I can’t bring myself to do it.

    I loved reading a few weeks ago about how the kids are bonding with each other as well as you. Until you wrote about it I hadn’t thought about how their understanding of brothers and sisters would have been affected by living in the orphanage. It makes me even happier to think that now they can begin to understand what being a family is really about. Your guys are awesome!

  4. Oh, and Wompy as an elephant… HELLO! Adorableness all the way around. He has now filled his cute quote for the entire rest of the year! Can you believe he actually fits in that little thing? I am still amazed.

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