thatcher, az


Meet our friends, Heather and Kavika. Adam and I drove to Thatcher this past weekend to hang out with them. Thatcher is two hours past Globe and about three and a half hours past Phoenix. Heather and Kavika are super cool and super fun. We went to a Chinese buffet for lunch, saw a movie–Journey to the Center of the Earth, and played scrabble. We had a great time. We want to thank their grandma, LaVana, for letting us come. Her hospitality was truly appreciated. While we were in Thatcher LaVana arranged a tour for us of Spencer W. Kimball’s childhood home. It was a fantastic opportunity for Adam and I. We spent a good two hours going through each room and talking with the homeowners. They had some wonderful stories about the house and President Kimball. We felt blessed to have the opportunity. Below are a few of our favorite pictures.


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