a smashing success


This smile says it all!!! Thursday brought food, folks, and fun to the Hirschi House! We helped Jaimee and Brian host a neighborhood block party–which they’ve been itching to do since they moved in over a year ago. Heaven knows it’s been a loooooooooong dreary season–Bear Lake was still frozen over until last week! Finally, we had a break in the weather allowing us to celebrate a belated spring and build friendships with our neighbors. It was such a blast to stand on the deck and watch all 40 or so kids playing in their selective groups:

We had trampers and teeter-totterers:


We had sporty boys and girly girls:


And we had the little ones, of course:


Oh yeah, and the big kids too:


All in all, we had just plain fun:


Thanks for coming everyone! We had a blast….and we hope you did too. Who’s turn is it next??? :)

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  1. Yeah 40 at the least could of been more but I didn’t count! It was so much fun and that picture of Brooklynn is adorable Rach I’m gonna have to steal it! Thanks for all your help in the preparing and cleaning up! Your such a great sister and I’m gonna miss having you to host parties with :( Love you!

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