not so “quick care”


Before the head staples!!!


After the head staples!!!

Adam wasn’t home from San Antonio but 10 minutes when the boys decided that wrestling on the stairs was a good idea. Hello!!! Wompy knocked his head (where Danny had already given him a goose egg on Halloween) on the corner of the banister–leaving a giant splotch of blood on the moulding.

Needless to say, instead of Sunday napping, we spent a few hours finding a Quick Care that took our insurance and then getting Juan P. treated. We are really proud of his bravery though. He didn’t cry when he brought a handful of blood down to me, nor did he cry during the stapleing procedure.

And he’s so stinkin’ cute that the doctor gave him TWO dulces. Yummy!

***the ouchies on the front of his head were for something the day before–oh, the five year old. :)***