space cadets

74917512Daniel raced in his first “space derby” and received his first Cub Scout award all in one night this past September. Danny received his rocket on Sunday, and had to race it on Thursday…September 24th, 2009. Needless to say, Adam and Daniel spent the three evenings in-between frantically sanding, shaping, glossing, and tweaking the shiny red and black vehicle. After the race, Daniel received his Bobcat and his Wolf allowing him to advance into Bears. He also earned two arrows.



Our nine year old son could not be any more excited than he already is about scouting. He dances around the house chanting, “I’m going to Scouts!” every single Thursday. He is an oldest child in every sense of the word. It drives me insane sometimes because I see my own oldest child tendencies manifesting themselves in him. So when he is too nervous about unimportant things, or when he gets frustrated because he didn’t do something exactly right the first time, it is like looking into a very sharply focused mirror. I suppose you do not have to be related by blood or race, or even speak the same language to be so much alike after all! :)

The super-supportive siblings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!