a little bit of london



Adam and I were able to take a trip across the pond in September. We spent most of our time in the English countryside at a very fancy resort. You know, the kind of place where the food is way too expensive and the staff is impeccably polite. Adam worked most of the time we were at the hotel (the reason we went), which meant I got a lot of down time–all to myself. After a summer of single mom-hood, it was a welcome relief.

From our hotel window:

74337437Being a literature buff, I was drooling over the footpaths, the lakes, the rolling hills. It was everything Jane Austen. We just wish we had more time and mobility to explore more of the countryside. There was a little lake that we walked to every evening. It rained a lot, which was heaven to me. I also had lots of time to prepare my homeschool materials for the year.

And then to London for a couple of days:

74407452We did the touristy stuff, which was fun. This was my second time in London–much more fun with Adam along! :) We took the train into the city, and had a blast just picking our way through the winding streets of the very large city.


On our last day, we headed out to the London Temple. We thought it was the perfect time to go since our children were already with babysitters at home. After a $50 taxi ride, this is what we saw:

74737479At least we tried. We get points for this, right?

All in all, we had a fantastic time. We have said it a hundred time since we’ve been back, but THANK YOU again to grandma and all the tias for helping tend the children while we were gone. More pics here.