six years handsome


Juan P. got to make pizza for his birthday. He is a little obsessed with pizza right now, and he rarely gets it. So we thought it would be a fun birthday treat. Aunt Jaime made him a fruit pizza for his cake. Well, Aunt Val helped him decorate it, so it was a joint venture. Regardless, it was the yummiest birthday “cake” I have had in a long time. :)


Womps got the standard birthday hiking poles from us. And his Tios McCracken continued the Build-A-Bear tradition, which is ever so gracious. He LOVES his Girl Rainbow Bear that he picked out. She comes complete with a pink hat and rainbow skateboard. All because he thought she was beautiful, and because his tias are adorable push-overs! He named her Banana Baby. Yeah, I know!

Here’s a video of our handsome little guys: