My favorite memory from Nana and Papa’s this summer was catching imaginations at play in the back yard. It so reminded me of my own childhood in that very same yard.

All of the cousins were whining one day that it was too hot, and that there was nothing to do. Excuse me…bounce house, pool, gigantic lawn, awesome sand pit, 11 children, and I could go on. Anyway, all the moms chimed in at once, “go use your imaginations and don’t come in until lunch.”

When we went out to check on the crew, they were taking old building supplies from around the property and making forts. They had divided into two teams and were having a contest to see which fort would be the best built. It was hilarious to see what they came up with for building materials.

(notice Nikki sitting on a chair with her legs crossed letting everyone else do the work…)


Well, they never finished their projects because Brooklynn stepped on a nail, which quickly put the kibosh on using papa’s old building materials. But they had a great time trying.

JULY 2010