not quite calico tanks


The ninos and Adam took the Littles on their very first hike last weekend. I ran some errands. Went out to lunch by myself. And even did some Christmas shopping. What a glorious Saturday morning. I was on a bit of kid overload because Adam worked every night last week until about midnight, and I had the kiddos home for two day school break. Needless to say, I was ready for a small break of my own, and Adam was ready for some outdoor kid fun. Perfecto!


The little tribe did not make it to the end of the trail because little Bear peed his pants, and then melted down over it. Yep, in the middle of the canyon with many a passersby looking for a little solitude. During the meltie, Uncle Dave and his girls passed by. At least Adam had some sane company for a few minutes. He said that Bear’s meltdown lasted a good half hour. One lady passed him going both ways, and complimented Adam on his patience. She said, “I haven’t seen that kind of patience in a dad in a really long time.” Adam just laughed! :)


I guess the bright spot is that we are used to this stuff…even though it’s been awhile. Is that a bright spot? We are even used to kids peeing on purpose on hikes. It hasn’t happened in a really long time, but we are reminded how it used to be….and how far the ninos have come. That is pretty rewarding. Other than the meltdown, the kids had a blast. I think we have three more children hooked on the outdoors. That makes Daddy really happy. :)