goals, goals, goals 2012

I love goals. I live to accomplish goals.

But I am far from perfect…so I am challenging myself a little more than usual this year. Here are the big ones:

1. 50 pounds of weight loss
2. Log ten miles per week
3. Track food daily (My Fitness Pal, free app, awesome)

–I am down 40 lbs from two years ago when I started “trying.” In fact, to my surprise, currently, I am down five pounds from Thanksgiving. How did that happen? Regardless, I am motivated to continue. I would like to drop another 50 lbs by the end of the year. Very slow and steady and long-term. Adam and I are walking at night together, which is one of our favorite things. We got away from it this past year. So we are getting back on track. And it is the perfect time of year in Las Vegas to walk at night. We must enjoy it while we can. :)

1. Read 75 books

–This is a big challenge for me considering I homeschool. It seems that my time is always cut in half by the kids’ schooling demands. It is so worth it, but I really want to read more for myself. I think I read 20 books last year. So I am trying to be home more…finding more quiet moments. That is helping.

1. Finish Old Testament
2. Attend temple twice/month

–Yeah, I am still in Genesis two years later. So embarrassing. I am reading other scriptures with the family, but this is something I really want to accomplish. The last time I read the whole Old Testament was in high school during Seminary. I figure it’s time to take the challenge again. Part of this goal will include writing every day on the subjects and stories I study. And yes, I will be including the books in the Old Testament in my 75 count. There’s no way I could accomplish both, otherwise. Hey, I am a realist, people.

1. Serve each child once a week on purpose

–I am trying to strengthen the bonds between myself and each child. I am so excited to try this experiment and blog it. I am assigning each child a day during the week. I am going to intentionally serve the assigned child in some way on that day. I want to do something above and beyond the normal mom duties so they feel extra special that day. I think this will help each kid feel extra special more often. I love the new phases they are each growing into right now. I can’t wait to get to know my kids even better.

1. Make a written dinner menu every two weeks
2. Be home everyday when my boys get home from public school, except in extreme circumstances
3. Finish moving into our home…little odds and ends projects that need doing
4. Document and post our weekly dates this year

I don’t plan on failing. So I am hoping to look back in December and see that this is all accomplished.