Back to School (Part Deux)

Well, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind the last few days (weeks). I feel like now that the Fall semester has started that I’m “really” in school. Today I was in school for roughly 12 hours – 2 group presentations, 1 seminar, 2 after-class discussions, etc. Really a lot of fun.

Rach and I (mostly Rach) have been busy taking pictures. Rach has been getting a lot of requests from quasi-family for pictures of their kids; totally cute pictures. Go to to see some of our favorites.


Back to School!

Well, the vacation is over. :(

I returned to Logan (late) on Sunday night for my marketing class this week. I had a great time in Las Vegas with my family. We celebrated my grandpa’s (Chapman, on mom’s side) 80th birthday. On Saturday, we all went out to Boulder City to visit the Nevada State Railroad Museum and ride the train. I wish I could give an endorsement, but can’t. I really like railroads, but this open air museum doesn’t have a lot to offer (yet). The cars that have been restored can’t be approached close up. Maybe in a few years…


Several of us went to the Hoover Dam afterward (after A&W – my favorite Boulder City treat!). Lake Mead is really low. We went back to my parent’s house after that and played games and had cake and ice cream. When I was little, we would watch old family movies and slideshows whenever we were at my gandparents’ house; we continued the tradition with some fun old pictures on my grandpa’s projector. We got together on Sunday for a BBQ and more games before I had to make the long drive back to Logan.

Unfortunately, Rach had to stay in Las Vegas for some doctor appointments, so she’ll be down there until Friday. I’m looking forward to Friday, as I’ll be able to meet her in St. George with our friends, Rob & Jaime Lea. In the mean time, it’s study, study, study. I love marketing!

Kodachrome Basin and more!


This morning we went on the Panorama Point trail at Kodachrome Basin State Park in southern Utah. The park is filled with sandstone spires that appear perilously close to collapsing without warning. Luckily, the sun was hiding behind the clouds most of the time. The rainclouds made for dramatic, beautiful skies. After finishing the hike, we returned to Escalante for some well-deserved rest.


With a thunderstorm looming, Rach and I went out to take a few pictures of the landscape. Click here to see a few more.


Today we’re in Escalante, Utah. We hiked yesterday to Upper Calf Creek Falls (which was beautiful.) Our friends, David and Jena DeMarco, got in last night from Las Vegas. Today Dave and I hiked Neon Canyon while Jena and Rachel walked around the town with Adona, Dave and Jena’s new 1 month old baby girl. The picture below is the sunrise at the trailhead.


On the road!

We’re spending the night in Nephi, en route to Escalante for the next few days. We’re planning on some hiking and exploring in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and Capitol Reef National Park.