jaime lynne~a wife, a scrapper, a fun girl…


…is what you’ll find as a self-description on her blogger profile! This is my friend Jaime Lynne. She is next on my friendship tribute list. I have gotten away from my monthly tributes because of all the adoption hubbub, but I am back on track and ready to honor my friends one by one. I thought it fitting to showcase Jaime since we just had our two year anniversary in May!!! Luckily, Adam and I were in Las Vegas so we celebrated with dinner, a movie and ice cream. The husbands celebrated with us but they went to their own movie. (why they would want to see Iron Man over Made of Honor is beyond me!) There are so many reasons why I adore Jaime Lynne. Since many of you have never met her in person, I thought I would show you, in pictures, bits of her personality.


SHE LOVES SCRAPBOOKING. It’s one of her creative outlets, and is sometimes serious business. Jaime’s been published by Creating Keepsakes. She’s on Tinkering Ink’s Design team. She’s done work for Basic Grey. Jaime Lynne is very talented. I’ve learned so much by scrapping with her. She’s introduced me to new products and helped me build confidence in my own skills and style. We’ve scrapped in Logan, Zion, Brian Head, and Las Vegas together. Maybe one day we’ll carry our scrap buckets to China on vacation. Although Jaime is a “high-end scrapper” (my words, not hers) she always takes time out to give advice and help others with their layouts. She shares ‘Her Rules’, but never pressures you to use them. :) Her online galleryis sure to inspire some serious scrappin mojo, if you are in need!


SHE LOVES PHOTOGRAPHY and READING. Jaime has a keen eye for the abstract. She started her professional career in television, which explains why she is so good at capturing a story through images. Jaime worked for a news station in another state before she got married–how cool is that? Her pictures are beautiful, and she never gives herself enough credit for her work. I love her pictures. As for reading–Jaime’s a “red-light” reader for sure. She will read just about anything, and once she becomes engrossed…forget it. If I started a Book Club she would be one of the first people I would ask to join. Jaime is really good at analyzing a work and connecting it to her own life. She has an opinion about everything, and she can speak intelligently on almost any subject. The great thing about Jaime is that she will not usually give an answer unless she is positive about the answer. Perhaps that comes from her field of study and profession. Wherever it comes from, I love it!


SHE’S ALWAYS up for an ADVENTURE! These pictures are from Jaime’s first canyoning experience at Zion Nat’l Park two years ago. We had a blast. This year she attempted Pine Creek with the boys, wet suit and all. Pretty cool! She loves car camping, Disneyland, playing games, trying new restaurants, going to the movies, and weekend getaways. No wonder we get along so great. In two short years, our friendship has traveled quite a bit. Although Adam and I have lived away for a year of our friendship (that’s half its life–wow) we’ve become even closer. Besides our frequent trips to Las Vegas where we get our famLea fix, we spent Thanksgiving at Brian Head, they traveled up to Logan for my birthday, and we just got back from a week at Zion with them and our other dear LV friends.


I love Jaime Lynne. She is my sister, my confidante, my friend. I don’t typically let someone into my private hopes and fears as quickly as I have her. That means something to me. Jaime is one of the only people I can fall apart in front of and not feel embarrassed or like I’m disappointing. She is always honest with me even when it’s difficult. She shares her friends with me and embraces mine–not many friends are secure enough for that. It is true that neither of us currently have children, but our situations are not what bind us as friends. It is our patience, love and support of each other that does that.

Jaime is kind and compassionate. She cares intensely. She thinks deeply. Jaime is responsible. She is super smart. She honors her marriage and her church duties. Jaime is one of the best conversationalists I have ever met. She willingly serves those in need, usually at her own expense. Jaime is not perfect. She has bad days just like the rest of us. But like I have told her before, it doesn’t matter how bad of day she is having–if I was in crisis and needed her…she would forget herself and be by my side in an instant. And she has done just that! That is why I honor my friend today.