we love gaven!

I have decided to post most of my Gaven specific stuff on the adoption/foster blog because of the specific followers there. And, yes, I’ve actually recently posted. hehe! Mostly, you’ll love the pics we’ve put up. His eyes are to die for. I am back in the blogging game, hopefully. Waiting on some pics from hubby’s computer so I can post Easter and forward. I have a lot to say about Foster care and our recent experiences. That stuff will be kept on the other blog so I don’t weigh this family fun blog down with too much heavy. :)

Check Baby Gaven out: adoption.ourlittlemcfamily.com

two adoptions and seven kids later… :)


Our three foster children: Joseph, Brian, and Adriana were officially adopted into the McCracken clan on Thursday, August 11, 2011. We adopted them from Clark County Foster Care here in Las Vegas. We are so happy to have an official day to celebrate and commemorate their inclusion into our family. The three Littles have been with us for almost a year now, and we have considered them “ours” from the moment we got them. But there is something about the adoption decree that allows us, the parents, to exhale that last bit of breath. You know, the “what if” breath that we don’t even know we are holding until the judge says, “YES.”

At the courthouse…we had so many friends and family members in attendance. In addition, there were many dear workers from Clark County, whom we consider friends, who have been involved in this wonderful placement. Joseph kept wrapping my arm tighter and tighter around his tummy. Brian wouldn’t let go of Adam. And Annie, well, she’s just smiley bubbly Annie…happy to be along for the ride. :)


We’re guessing most people are not excited to see their name listed on a docket at Family Court. We got quite a few stares as we were taking pictures of it.


And look at all the amazing people who came in support of this awesomeness:


It was obviously a beautiful day. Thank you, to everyone who attended, and who continue to support our growing McFamily!

Welcome (officially), Jo Jo, Brian, and Annie: