couponing at its best

No pics–sorry! I was just too tired after the multi-shopping trip. Last week was the best Albertson’s sale so far for our family. It was so good that I ended up having 15 transactions in all. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit everything in my cart in one trip so I went solo on Friday, and then took the whole family on Saturday. And no, having the husband and kids along was not a burden. In fact, it was a huge help because Adam was able to tackle four transactions while I tackled another four. The ninos are starting to learn what money saving is all about. They are also learning how it can help their “cool factor” in the cafeteria at school. :)

Since we are stocking our food storage and kid lunch supplies, we bought as much of each item as we could justify. And for every $10 spent on a participating item, we received a $10 voucher on our next transaction–hence the 15 separate transactions. Are you ready for this one:

Total Trip Value: $660.91

Total Spent: $166.82

Total Saved: $494.09 (75%)

Price/Item: $0.94

Our stocked pantry and freezer continues to grow.


There was no huge Alby’s or Smith’s sale this week. But the one good promo at Alby’s was worth hitting for some food storage items. And since we have so much daily food right now, the only weekly groceries I had to purchase was milk–pretty cool, huh? Anyway, we stocked up on:

Hunt’s spaghetti sauce–$0.60 after promo, we bought 25

Wesson cooking oils (48 oz)–$1.50 after promo, we bought 10

Hunt’s Pudding 4-packs (for lunches)–$.60 after promo, we bought 50

Total Trip Value: $205.50

Total Spent: $60.00

Total Saved: $145.50 (71%)

Price/item: $0.71

For my non-couponing buddies, this savings was done with no coupons other than the promo voucher that was printed out at the checkstand. And the sale goes through Tuesday night, if you are interested. FYI–I would only have saved 25% if  I had bought these items in one transaction. Instead, I made four transactions. And I purchased the minimum required in each transaction to get the voucher. That’s the key to saving big on promos like this. In fact, I still have two $10 vouchers for our next trip burning a hole in my wallet right now.